We're on a mission to create unapologetically joyful spaces for our community.

Our goal is to deliver a design that makes you feel joyful every day, created with feel-good products and to do so with as minimal stress as possible.

We focus on your client experience as much as we focus on creating a bold, unexpected design unique to each of our clients. This means we put in the work for you, so you can enjoy the process of investing in your home.

Our spreadsheets and client processes are just as robust as our creative mood boards and material palettes. 


We work in tandem with architects + builders on renovation projects, from the very beginning to the very end of construction.

We procure and install all furniture + décor, handling the logistics the entire way.

We work with a range of localized makers to global brands while sourcing for both renovation & furniture projects.

We specialize in whole-home renovation + new construction, as well as whole-home furniture projects. We serve clients coast-to-coast and are based in Greenwich, CT.

  • Consultations

    • Virtual + On-site, One-Time Consult
    • Buying + Selling Design Consult
    • Color + Material Consult
  • Residential

    • Whole Home Renovation
    • New Construction
    • Whole Home Furnishings + Decor
  • Commercial

    • Commercial Renovation
    • Interior Brand Identity
    • Hospitality + Retail + Coworking
  • Getting Started

    Step 1/4

    Hit that ‘contact’ button above and tell us all your hopes & dreams for your project.

    We’ll schedule a 25-min Discovery Call to connect. If we’re a good fit for each other based off of aesthetics, budget, scope-of-work and timing, we’ll schedule a 1-hour meeting to deep dive into your scope of work.

    A Design Services Fee Proposal is established for our services based off your scope-of-work, contracts are signed, retainers are paid and we’re off to the good stuff…

  • The Design

    Step 2/4

    We start with a mood board, which becomes our design bible throughout your project. Once design concepts are landed, materials, colors, samples, floor plans & design drawings are presented. We refine options, focusing on big impact moments and the details.

    Once aligned, we begin sourcing options for every item on the established punch-list: from tile, paint or cabinetry design to lighting, rugs & furnishings.

  • Makin' It Happen

    Step 3/4

    We work with our network of contractors, makers, builders and tradespeople to diligently bring our designs to life.

    We’re on-site often and obsessing over our spreadsheets. We order, manage, inspect, install & have no problem getting our hands a little dirty during construction.

  • Grand Finale

    Step 4/4

    We’re wrapped once all those pesky design details are perfected and we can peacefully sleep at night.

    Finally, we’re not complete without a proper toast to your renewed, inspiring and of course, happy, new space.