We're on a mission to create unapologetically joyful spaces for our community.

Whether residential or commercial, we help you create a vibrant & confident space, built off of a shared vision, and executed with precision and dose of enthusiasm.

We all want our spaces to feel joyful and calm; the process of making it so, should also be joyful and calm. Collaboration, flexibility and approachability are key pillars in our design process.

Our design + operations processes are a well-oiled machine. This means we put in the work for you, so you can enjoy the process of investing in your home.

We specialize in whole-home renovation + new construction, as well as whole-home furniture projects. We serve clients coast-to-coast and are based in Greenwich, CT.

  • Consultations

    • Virtual + On-site, One-Time Consult
    • Buying + Selling Design Consult
    • Color + Material Consult
  • Residential

    • Whole Home Renovation
    • New Construction
    • Whole Home Furnishings + Decor
  • Commercial

    • Commercial Renovation
    • Interior Brand Identity
    • Hospitality + Retail + Coworking
  • Getting Started

    Step 1/4

    Hit that ‘contact’ button above and tell us all your hopes & dreams for your project. We’ll connect and determine if we’re a good fit for each other based off of aesthetics, budget, scope-of-work and timing. Finding the right designer takes time, and we believe there is enough room for everyone.

    An estimate is established for our services based off your scope-of-work, contracts are signed, retainers are paid and we’re off to the good stuff…

  • The Design

    Step 2/4

    We start with a mood board, which becomes our design bible throughout your project. Once design concepts are landed, materials, colors, samples, floor plans & design drawings are presented. We refine options, focusing on big impact moments and the details.

    Once aligned, we begin sourcing options for every item on the established punch-list: from tile, paint or cabinetry design to lighting, rugs & furnishings.

  • Makin' It Happen

    Step 3/4

    We work with our network of contractors, makers, builders and tradespeople to diligently bring our designs to life.

    We’re on-site often and obsessing over our spreadsheets. We order, manage, inspect, install & have no problem getting our hands a little dirty during construction.

  • Grand Finale

    Step 4/4

    We’re wrapped once all those pesky design details are perfected and we can peacefully sleep at night.

    Finally, we’re not complete without a proper toast to your renewed, inspiring and of course, happy, new space.