• Kind Words

    Words cannot express how much we’ve enjoyed working with Mandy.

    She took the time upfront to understand our taste, style and needs and then has worked with us to design unique spaces in our home that truly reflect who we are as a family.

    Working with Mandy is a fun and collaborative process and she has done an incredible job of exposing us to new brands, artists, and designers that have helped fill our home with color and warmth.

    Mandy always seems to find the right balance between form and function.  While there is clearly intent behind every design decision and piece we have in our home, it doesn’t feel like a museum, it feels warm, inviting, and lived in, which is exactly what we wanted.

    The Greenberg Family

  • Kind Words

    As a General Contractor, partnering with the right designer is absolutely critical, especially on highly custom work that requires a ton of problem solving and sometimes pivoting. Mandy was always on top of the details, willing to work through unplanned issues of an old home, all with a great attitude and mission to keep the project on schedule. We always recommend Mandy to new clients looking for designers from small to large projects. Her style is so refreshing and unique. Would 10/10 recommend.

    TaylorSmith Sustainable Construction

  • Kind Words

    Mandy was a lifesaver for our full condo remodel. She listened to our design preferences, and made sure to incorporate our lifestyle requirements into the design, while creating a gorgeous outcome. She was invaluable in navigating the construction process. This was our first remodel, and having Mandy manage the process with our GC was a lifesaver.  She is very communicative, and is such a fun person to work with!

    Clare - Waterfront Condo Remodel

  • Kind Words

    Mandy was a dream partner to work with on our home remodel. She not only delivered on my vision above and beyond my expectations; she also anticipated our needs, gave honest feedback and guidance on how to move forward during unexpected surprised during the project, and overall made the remodel process an enjoyable one. 10 out of 5 stars for Mandy!

    Ana F.

  • Kind Words

    Mandy was the only designer I met with who not only fully got behind my vision, but who was undaunted by my budget and (insanely short) timeline. She was joyful when I was panicked, she was calm when I was overwhelmed.  When I went full maximalist, she did one better and brought in disco balls.  She refined my ideas into something truly exquisite and timelessly chic. I wish I had known sooner how much I would truly need her support through this process, especially in working with our General Contractor.  She saved me hours of time – I will never do another build project without her!

    Kiki Littlestar - The Perlene